Rainbow Print Silky Bikini
Rainbow Print Silky Bikini
Rainbow Print Silky Bikini
Rainbow Print Silky Bikini

Rainbow Print Silky Bikini


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"PPG" raybo print on the front and raybore bias print on the back side make it simple.
Enjoy silky functional materials.

Please try it by all means.

※Features of materials*
■Excellent water absorption and quick drying to keep skin surface smooth
■Silky high-quality luster
■ High UV cut resistance (clear UPF50+) and chlorine resistance
■Excellent elongation and recoverability
■Vivid color dingability with ccation polyester

This is a material used in swimsuits.
(Note: When used in swimsuits, there is no lining, so it may be transparent.) Please use it after understanding in advance)

◆ Material: Polyester 82%, Polyurethane 18%
◆ Color: WHITE (Rainbow)
◆ サイズ:S・M・L・XL・XXL
◆ Made in Japan: MADE IN JAPAN


Model size:
Height: 167cm | Weight: 98kg | Chest circumference: 118cm | Girth: 98cm |
Buttocks: 108cm | Upper arm circumference: 43cm | Thigh circumference: 74cm
※ The product wears XL size
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