Nylon Hold T-Back
Nylon Hold T-Back
Nylon Hold T-Back
Nylon Hold T-Back
Nylon Hold T-Back
Nylon Hold T-Back

Nylon Hold T-Back


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Functional hold T-back.

There is a hole inside the front (see image image), and you can store the local area there and claim the bulge sexy.
※ Different from the product of tbk019 (PPG nylon hold T-back), the stitch color is the same color as the body.
※ The image of the inside is a product image of tbk019 (PPG nylon hold T-back).

The material is nylon base and how stretchy it is!
Delicate thin fabrics like microfibers are irresistible.
It is wearing and holds it pleasantly.

※ There is a case to be transparent because the fabric is thin. Please consider it after understanding it.

◆ Material: Nylon 91% [Nylon91%] Polyurethane 9% [Polyurethane 9%]
◆ Size: S ~ M / L ~ XL
◆ Made in Japan: Made in Japan

Waist size:

Model size:
Height: 167cm | Weight: 102kg | Chest circumference: 120cm | Girth: 105cm |
Buttocks: 109cm | Upper arm circumference: 43cm | Thigh circumference: 72cm
※ The product wears L size

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