PPG 超級拉伸 T-背面
PPG 超級拉伸 T-背面
PPG 超級拉伸 T-背面
PPG 超級拉伸 T-背面
PPG 超級拉伸 T-背面
PPG 超級拉伸 T-背面
PPG 超級拉伸 T-背面
PPG 超級拉伸 T-背面
PPG 超級拉伸 T-背面

PPG 超級拉伸 T-背面


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The expansion and contraction rate is the best among propaganda products.
In addition, it is a feeling that the fabric does not wear thinly, but it holds firmly.

The front is a three-dimensional effect with a center seam.

The material uses tencel washable bear heaven to pursue a soft and smooth feel with excellent expansion and contraction,
It expresses a beautiful luster.

※ There is a case to be transparent because the fabric is thin. Please check the size after understanding and consider it.

◆ Material: Tencel (recycled fiber) 95% [Ten 95%] polyurethane 5% [Polyurethane 5%]
◆ Size:S~M・L~XL
◆ Made in Japan: Made in Japan

Waist size:

Model size:
Height: 167cm | Weight: 96kg | Chest circumference: 118cm | Girth: 103cm |
Buttocks: 108cm | Upper arm circumference: 42cm | Thigh circumference: 71cm
※ The product wears L to XL size

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In the case, there is a case that the product cannot be delivered. Please understand.
◆ For the convenience of the color representation of the display of the computer, somewhat with the real thing,
Colors and images may be different.
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