INFORMATION (renewal setting information)

The propaganda homepage has been renewed!

□□□□□ Important □□□□□

By changing the platform, please "create an account" with the email address registered on the homepage before the renewal.

[Account creation]

Please register your account from "Account Creation" on the login screen. Since the previous password is not reflected, please register a new password. * (Please be sure to enter it with the previous registered email address.) Your email address will reflect information other than your previous credits. )

At that time, there is a "birthday registration" item. The birthday you entered when you issued birthday points will be reflected in the function in the future.

If you do not enter a birthday, you will not be allowed to issue future birthday points, so please enter if you wish to earn points.

After creating an account, you will receive a confirmation email at your registered email address and approve it to complete your account registration.

[Correction of account contents]

After registering your account, if the address reflected at the time of purchase is the address before the transfer, if the arrangement is shifted, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please correct it.

[Point transfer]

It is reflected in the "e-mail address" (*important) registered on the previous website. (Points will not be reflected other than the registered email address)

If the points are not reflected, please check if it is the email address you registered again.

If it is not reflected in the registration address, please contact us.

[Delivery date and time designation]

When specifying the delivery date and time, you can specify it in the "Cart screen" before checking out. (Can only be specified on the cart screen)


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.