Translation Ali & Sample Happy Bag

Translation Ali & Sample Happy Bag


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■■Sales start from 18:00 on Wednesday, November 1st■■
*This is a specialized product only available on LINE*

◆Deliveries will be made sequentially from around November 6th (Monday).
*We cannot accept requests for delivery dates for this product. (Can be changed by Yamato Members)
When shipping, we will send you an inquiry number, so please check it.

8 or more of boxers, trunks, bikinis, briefs, T-backs, jockstraps, swimsuits, tops, bodysuits, and bottoms. (There may be a difference in price depending on the order of purchase.)

Please note that there may also be unsold samples, products without names or quality markings, and undetectable printing defects.

*In the case of bank transfer, if we cannot confirm the date of November 6th, we will cancel your order. Thank you for your understanding.

*Please be sure to check before purchasing

■When you purchase two items, the product contents may be the same.
■Products with the same product number but different colors may be included.
■Underwear and swimwear are not included in the case. Thank you for your understanding.
■Items cannot be shipped via Nekoposu.
■Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges as this is a special price item.
■Birthday coupons are not eligible.

I believe that the deep joy of lucky bags is that you don't know what's inside.
Thank you for your understanding before purchasing.