Nylon [Ring] T-Back
Nylon [Ring] T-Back
Nylon [Ring] T-Back
Nylon [Ring] T-Back
Nylon [Ring] T-Back
Nylon [Ring] T-Back
Nylon [Ring] T-Back

Nylon [Ring] T-Back


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Ring T-back with function.

Put both feet from the waist belt, pass the string with the ring (see image image) from between the legs,
If you store the local area in the ring and scratch the cup, you can claim the bulge sexy.

The material is nylon base and how stretchy it is!
Delicate thin fabrics like microfibers are irresistible.
It is wearing and holds it pleasantly.

※ The stitch of the black body will be red.
※ There is a case to be transparent because the fabric is thin. Please consider it after understanding it.

◆ Material: Nylon 91% [Nylon91%] Polyurethane 9% [Polyurethane 9%]
◆ Size: S ~ M / L ~ XL
◆ Made in Japan: Made in Japan

Waist size:

Model size:
Height: 167cm | Weight: 102kg | Chest circumference: 120cm | Girth: 105cm |
Buttocks: 109cm | Upper arm circumference: 43cm | Thigh circumference: 72cm
※ The product wears L size

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